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Your Personal Growth and Development – Work with a Professional

Your Personal Growth and Development 

Work with a Professional:

You know this already … sometimes it helps to talk about it … especially when it happens to be your personal growth and development. But who can you talk to? Who will give you the straight scoop, without subjectivity, without vested interests, and without jeopardising your privacy and confidentiality?

Can friends help you with your personal growth and development?

Well, sometimes, yes, but often times, no. Don’t get me wrong, friends are great people. It’s just that they’ve got their own ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do. And therein lies the rub because it’s not their life … it’s YOURS. And you deserve your own answers to the tough questions … not someone else’s … no matter how well-intentioned they may be.

In contrast, there’s Mike Garner, a highly qualified professional Corporate Hypnotherapist and founder of Mind Focus Groups Therapeutic Training. Mike won’t tell you what you should do; he’ll ask you what you want to do. Then he’ll work with you to make that happen sooner than it might happen otherwise.

Can your significant other help you with your personal growth and development?

Well, sometimes yes, but often times, no. It’s not that he or she doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Most-probably he or she really does. But the problem is that anything you ultimately decide to do to change your situation will most-likely have a significant impact on him or her and vested interests have a way of subtly … even unconsciously … altering one’s objectivity.

In contrast, there’s Mike Garner, a highly qualified professional Life Coach and developer of Mind Focus Groups Therapeutic Training’s unique behavioural change techniques. Mike isn’t interested in your Same Self; he’s interested in your Best Self. He’ll increase your personal reliability, creativity and effectiveness by empowering your ‘Best Self’ person to show up on a more regular and consistent basis.

Can colleagues help you with your personal growth and development?

Well, sometimes yes, but often times, no. You know this already, but it’s worth repeating for emphasis … colleagues don’t make good confidants. Who hasn’t been burned by some co-worker who took what you said privately and passed it around like it was nothing more than a bag of crisps !

The people you work with may be very nice, but if they’re looking to make some sort of impression on someone else, your privacy is NOT something you want them to have at their disposal.

In contrast, there’s Mike Garner, a highly qualified professional Holistic Mentor and practitioner of extremely effective mental and emotional programming techniques. Mike doesn’t blab about what he hears; he keeps confidential conversations confidential. And he’ll help you talk through those private thoughts you’re not ready to make public.

29 Reasons to Hire a Professional:

1. to help you resolve interpersonal conflicts between people
2. to improve your peer-to-peer interactions
3. to help you learn how to run more efficient meetings
4. to address your developmental needs as seen by your boss
5. to act as a sounding board before you take an idea public
6. to help improve your time management skills
7. to help improve your delegation skills
8. to help you get past being stuck about something
9. to help improve your communications skills
10. to help better organise and articulate your thinking
11. to help you relax
12. to help prepare for major presentations
13. to help you become more comfortable with ambiguity
14. to help you learn how to create S.M.A.R.T. action plans
15. to grow your esteem in the eyes of others
16. to help identify opportunities that you may be missing
17. to role play, or ‘pre-brief’ important upcoming interactions
18. to help you ask more powerful questions
19. to help you learn important distinctions
20. to help you update your current Winning Strategy
21. to help you look at situations from other perspectives
22. to help you let go of unhealthy perfectionism
23. to help you work less without jeopardizing quality
24. to help establish your next-level goals and objectives
25. to help you move from boss-as-expert to boss-as-coach
26. to help you deal effectively with crises
27. to help you get past the grousing
28. to help you learn how to effectively manage the grapevine
29. to EMPOWER YOU!!!

Still not convinced it makes sense to hire a Professional?

Then we really DO need to talk!

Call today to talk about your situation and schedule a confidential planning session.
You deserve the Absolute Best when it comes to
working on your Personal Growth and Development.

That’s why you need to call Mike Now!

Tel. 01492 512232 or email him direct on mike@mindfocusgroups.co.uk


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