Jul 24

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Today is the blueprint of my tomorrow

Today is the blueprint of my tomorrow:

Every day, I live aware of the fact that I am designing a better future for myself and for the generations to come. I work hard so my children and their children can have a brighter tomorrow.

How I spend today is a reflection of how I will spend tomorrow, therefore, any changes I want to see in my life must begin today. Positive change begins when I take my dreams seriously and launch into action.

No matter how far I’ve come, I continue to better myself knowing that the sky is not the limit, but rather the beginning of a new level. I make changes today because I want to see myself living in a future free from regret.

I devote time each day to things of eternal value and I choose to be an active participant in life. In turn, I seize every opportunity to learn new skills and improve myself.

My values and priorities are evident by the way I carry myself each day. Recognising that my future is not an isolated event, but the collection of individual days, I resolve to make each day count.

I am careful to form new habits that only bring me closer to the dream I have for my future. In order to be productive, I am eradicating negative behaviors from my daily routine.

Instead of waiting around for something great, I actively pursue greatness in all my tasks tasks of the day to day.

Today, I begin new, positive behaviors to reshape my future.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Where will today’s actions lead me one year from now?
2. Where do I want to be in twelve months?
3. What do I need to change in my daily life to achieve one year plan?

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