Aug 06

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Stop Living on Repeat

Stop Living on Repeat:

Although we have over 60,000 thoughts a day – 99% of them are the same thoughts that we had yesterday !

Similarly when faced with any situation or event – We tend to always do what we’ve always done.
We always do what we’ve always done, because we have the same thoughts about the event so we  come up with the same Responce.

1) We choose the same foods and items when shopping.

2) We watch the same TV programmes and listen to the same music.

3) We Laugh, cry and get angry or frustrated about the same things.

4) We say the same things: Often things that our parents and teachers in life said.

Repeat – Repeat – Repeat etc etc etc ………………………


To get out of this rut of repeating your past over and over again -  YOU have to think something different.

That means controlling your mind and changing your thoughts.

21 Days of establishing a new habit pattern of thought, and you have created for yourself a new and permanent habit pattern of behavior.




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