Jul 17

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Good Stress Managers

Good Stress Managers:

What do good Stress Managers do?

1) Anticipate, monitor and regulate stressors as far as possible.

2) Are aware of and control their interpretations of stressors.

3) Believe they can influence events and their reactions to those events.

4)  Practice daily relaxation to balance the stress response with the recovery responce.

5)  Use mental and physical tension reducers to control arousal when confronted with threatening stressors.

6)  Maintain positive health buffers: such as daily exercise, good eating habits, adequate sleep – in order to build stress resistance and prevent stress build up.

7)  Recognise early warning signs of mental and physical distress.

8) Develop and maintain a strong sense of meaning to their existence – meaning that provides clarity, direction, purpose and significance in their private and public lives.

9)  Are committed to contributing to the well being of others

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