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How does Life Coaching and Bespoke Hypnosis Work?

How Does Life Coaching and Bespoke Hypnosis Work?
You’ll decide for yourself what you want to HAVE, BE and DO in your life. Then I’ll give you the mind set, emotional intelligence and life skills to create it.
Hypnosis is a very powerful and motivating tool. It’s fast and very successful in overcoming emotional, mental and physical obstacles in people lives.
Holistic Life Coaching is an extremely effective, beneficial and empowering process during which you gain self mastery and reclaim your personal power.
When I combine Hypnosis with Holistic Life Coaching in your bespoke sessions, the change thats created is amazing and rapid.
You are capable of achieving so much more, and together we’ll create the changes that you really want in your life, often instantly.
Your bespoke programme will be designed around your specific needs. I produce personalised sessions to support every aspect of personality, behaviour, health and life improvement.
From your very first session you’ll start to take control of your life. You’ll start to think positive, feel positive, see positive and be positive very quickly.
My 3 session process will fix your problem permanently.
Each session will be approximately 10/14 days apart. So in no time at all, you’ll be in control and able to enjoy your life again and move towards your goals.
It’s best if you can come to me, but I can also successfully coach you on the phone.
Each 2 hour session stands alone. As you progress, you’ll massively increase in knowledge and gain the confidence you need to apply the knowledge and enjoy the benefits you,ll feel in every area of your life.
You’ll love this process – everybody does.
Session 1:
I’ll give you the ability to instantly relax with your current situation. This powerful technique will also enable you to take control, think clearly and act wisely in all situations.
Then I’ll give you a strategy and mindset for achieving all your best outcomes.
Session 2:
I’ll install in you high levels of self confidence, self esteem and motivation. This enables you to quickly move your life forward so you can achieve your goals and ambitions.
I delete any self limiting beliefs that hold you back and install the positive and empowering thought patterns that you asked me for in your first session.
You’ll feel totally reconditioned.
Session 3:
This session really brings it all together.
You’re already physically feeling the benefits from your new positive mindset and emotional control. I now give you the tools and opportunity to totally re invent yourself and fix your life permanently.
NB: I never see anyone for more than 3 sessions at a time.
On completion of this 3 stage process you will be fixed
I give all my clients free personalised hypnosis CDs after each session for you to use as a self hypnosis reinforcement program. This will help to make your change a permanent one. Also, you will always have direct access to me throughout the whole process and after, so you will feel totally supported.
Hypnosis is very enjoyable and best of all its completely natural with no side effects.
All you have to do now is ask yourself:
What do you really want to fix ?
Corporate, Group, Team and Family Sessions always available.

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