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Are Psychic Experiences Real ?

The truth is, is that we all have psychic experiences daily. Some people describe these experiences having a moment of intuition, as an impression or even a gut feeling. Others write them off as a coincidence. When we have a psychic experience, we are receiving information on non-verbal levels. It is as if we each act as radio transmitters, sending out our thoughts, feelings and emotions. In turn, we also possess finely tuned reception equipment built into us that allows us to receive this information from others.

When we receive psychic information, it can be experienced in a number of different ways – a thought, a feeling or even knowingness. By paying attention to sensations in our physical bodies, to changes in our emotions or to what we are thinking, we can “tune in” on psychic levels. This is the experience.

One form of psychic input is called kinaesthetics. This is where our physical bodies reflects the attributes of another person. On kainesthetic levels, we can experience a headache for no apparent reasons, only to have it to go away as mysteriously as it came. Our backs may ache if we are in contact with someone who has back pain. We may experience stuffy sinuses, heart palpitations, indigestion, and even soreness in our muscles and joints. The range and depth of what we can intuit from others on physical levels is as varied as the number of health issues that we can experience.

Don’t worry about catching anything when picking up this type of psychic information. Once these individual move out of our physical space or awareness, we no longer receive information from them. While they may still be transmitting, we are out of the reception zone. When this occurs, the physical symptoms, aches and pains that were being experienced go away as quickly as they came.

Another way in which we receive information on psychic levels is through our feelings. Feelings are a felt sense, meaning we experience them in our bodies. Unlike the literal aches and pains we may experience on kinaesthetic levels, here we experience emotional type feelings such as certainty, peace, harmony, tranquility, apprehension, jealousy, distrust, hate or anger.

Being open to experiencing the feelings of others is called clairsentience. We are having a clairsentient experience when we feel the “vibes” in a room or get the creeps when we meet someone new. This ability allows us to be empathic, to share in the joys of others as well as in their sorrows. It alerts us to when things aren’t quite right and can help us when making decisions by giving us a “gut feeling”. It is only when we don’t pay attention to these feelings that many of us end up saying to ourselves after the fact, “You know I had a feeling about that!”

“Listening to what a little birdie told us” is a way of describing another psychic ability. It is called clairaudience. Technically speaking, we are having a clairaudient experience when we receive information on auditory levels. As humans, we constantly have an inner dialog going on inside of us. This dialog is on two separate and distinct levels. Our mental dialog is aptly described as the non stop inner chatter that we hear in our heads all day and for some well into the night.

When we receive information on clairaudient levels, non verbal information is send out subtly. It can be a soft and gentle reminder that prompts us to take our umbrella with us even if it is not raining outside. At times, this inner voice can be firm and directing. It also has been described as having a persistent nagging like quality, working to guide us onto bigger and better things. Similar to the clairsentient experience, we oftentimes find ourselves saying in hindsight “I should have listened to myself!”

We also receive psychic information on visual levels. This ability is called clairvoyance. This ability is the one most often portrayed in movies and on TV. It is also the capability that is most often misrepresented. When asked, a surprising number of people expect to see ghostly apparitions floating around a room or have entities materialise out of nowhere and then interact with them on physical levels. This expectation is anything but the truth.

When we have a clairvoyant experience, we see things in the mind’s eye. It is the faculty we use when we employ our imagination, visualize potential outcomes or even daydream. We use our clairvoyance at work to help us plan projects. We use it at home when we “keep our eyes” on our children. Sometimes when we receive information on this level, it is experienced as a fleeting thought or image. In fact, most people assume that when they use this capability it is just their imagination at work. The truth be told, it’s not.

The final form of psychic information we commonly receive from others is referred to as knowingness. When we are utilising this ability it seems as if we just know stuff – right off the top of our head. If asked, many of us would not be able to explain how we knew, but we did. When we share insights received on this level with others, they often seem prophetic. If these insights are left unspoken, we may end up saying to ourselves “Oh I knew that!”

The simple truth regarding psychic abilities: We all have access to this form of non verbal communication. In fact, many of us recognise it when we receive it, even if we don’t have the correct word to associate with it. In the end, however, regardless of the amount of information being received, it does us no good at all if we do not use it. So if you are getting bad vibes from somebody, trust it! If your inner knowing is working to guide you in one direction or another, listen to it. If you find that you just know something, believe in it’s worth. And for God’s sake, if you find that a friend or loved one has a headache – get them an aspirin.

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