Jul 17

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Emotional Health Check-up

Mind Focus Groups – Emotional health check-up;

Everyday lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, general health, and use of drugs/medication can contribute significantly to stress. A general check-up of these activities is an important place to start when attempting to reduce stress and anxiety and improve emotional health.


• Diet:

Are you providing your body with the fuel it needs? Inadequate nutrients and energy will lead to physical and emotional stress. Are you eating the right kinds of foods? Are you eating them often enough?


• Exercise:

Are you exercising enough? Exercise has been shown to improve mood and is also important for a regular sleep–wake cycle. A half hour of exercise three times a week that increases your heart rate is recommended to maintain physical and emotional health.


• Sleep:

Do you have a regular sleep pattern? The amount of sleep required for each person varies but is commonly seven to nine hours. Frequent waking can also result in poor quality sleep.


• Drug use:

Use of drugs can place your system under stress. Consider whether you may benefit from cutting down your use of drugs.

Consider these as drugs: caffeine, caffeinated soft drinks, coffee, chocolate, tea, alcohol, nicotine, over the counter medications, and other recreational drugs.


• Physical health:

Are you looking after any medical complaints, taking medication that is needed, or reviewing medication that you think might not be working well with your doctor?  Do you have any persistent pain or worries about your physical health?


• Practical concerns:

Do you have a satisfactory living situation? It is important to be able to count on having a safe and secure living environment where your basic needs are met.

When accommodation or financial arrangements are inadequate additional support from community services may need to be sought.


• Relationships and social support:

Do you have partners, family or friends who support you and your goals? Social support enhances resilience and protects against mental health problems.


• Pleasant activities:

Do you have activities that you enjoy doing every day? It can be easy to forget to make time for some simple, enjoyable activities, but this is necessary for emotional well-being.

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