Jul 21

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Create your Business Vision

Create your Business Vision:

Smart business owners and managers know that the key to business success is to strive for growth oriented results that challenge you and (if you have them) your employees to achieve more.

We’re going to increase profits by 20 percent in 90 days.  We’re going to reduce our overhead costs by year’s end. We’re going to hire high-calibre, positive people for our new department. The list is endless.

Yet in the quest for higher profits and increased customer satisfaction, many owners and managers put their big vision on the back burner in exchange for a short-term goal. As a result, their business stays the same year after year, with little indication of any growth at all. What went wrong?

Some company leaders blame the organisation’s lack of growth on outside events. They claim that the competition, the economy, their clients and even their employees did or did not do something that made the goal fall short. Others blame their own goal-setting strategies, believing their objectives were too lofty for any company to achieve. The fact is that when it comes to positively changing your business, traditional goal setting is not enough. The key is to look inside yourself and your company and determine not what you want to achieve in the next few months, but rather, what kind of organisation you want to become for lasting results.

What does your company stand for?

1. Create your vision

2. Create your company identity in relation to your vision

3. Commit to your vision


Ask yourself:

1. What is different in my business now compared to a year ago?

2. What steps am I currently taking to help my company become the market presence I want it to be?

3. What can I do to bring my vision closer? 

If possible, have coach who asks these questions for you, who helps point out ways that you may be sabotaging your goals and who reveals ways that are serving you to bring your future to you today.

Seize your opportunities today:
Simply stating goals is not enough to dramatically change your business. You must also decide what your company’s ideal future looks like, what qualities you or your employees need to attain it, and what daily steps will bring you to your desired outcome. Without such a plan, you’ll have nothing concrete to run toward and you’ll be content to stay where you are.

By following this simple three-step process you can ditch the business school goal setting process and create the organisation of your dreams today. Then, instead of looking back at the end of the year and wondering, “What happened to my goals?” you can further challenge yourself and ask, “Where can I take my business next?”

Mike Garner is a personal/corporate trainer, motivational therapist and coach. He speaks to businesses, associations, and coaches entrepreneurs on how to step into their big vision and access their internal power that leads them to success and fulfilment.  Why not drop him a line and see what can be done to create your success.

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