Jul 17

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Coping with repeated distress:

Coping with repeated distress;

Sometimes people experience high levels of distress on a regular basis. It can help to plan for these times by writing a list of coping strategies that is easily accessible during a crisis. Keep in mind that the purpose of these strategies is to get you through the crisis.

Make sure that you plan strategies that suit you and are easy for you to do. The strategies below are just suggestions. Don’t try things for the first time in a crisis; instead, practice new skills or strategies when you are feeling well so they come more naturally during crises.


Remember to:

• Set a goal of getting through the next few minutes

• When distressing thoughts distract you, keep bringing yourself back to the strategy you are using

• Plan to do several strategies in a row


Calming strategies:

• Do a breathing or relaxation exercise

• Take a bath/shower

• Pat your cat or dog

• Go to a pleasant place

• Listen to soothing music


Distracting strategies:

• Watch a favorite TV show or DVD

• Sing along to songs on the radio

• Do a hobby or work task

• Do some cooking, housework, or gardening

• Describe a painting in your house in detail


Active strategies:

• Make yourself a cup of tea

• Do a hobby or work task

• Do some cooking, housework, or gardening

• Do some exercise (walking, cycling, yoga, swimming)


Support strategies

• Talk to a supportive friend, family member or me

• Do something with or for a family member or friend

• Use a phone helpline



Thinking strategies:

• Replace unhelpful thoughts with helpful thoughts. Some examples are:

“I’m OK; this will only last for a short time.”

“I’ve been in a similar situation before and survived.”

“I’m going to get on with something I love to do, these feeling will soon will pass”


As always if you have any difficulties; call me straight away ………..  Mike Garner.

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