Jul 17

Good Stress Managers

Good Stress Managers:

What do good Stress Managers do?

1) Anticipate, monitor and regulate stressors as far as possible.

2) Are aware of and control their interpretations of stressors.

3) Believe they can influence events and their reactions to those events.

4)  Practice daily relaxation to balance the stress response with the recovery responce.

5)  Use mental and physical tension reducers to control arousal when confronted with threatening stressors.

6)  Maintain positive health buffers: such as daily exercise, good eating habits, adequate sleep – in order to build stress resistance and prevent stress build up.

7)  Recognise early warning signs of mental and physical distress.

8) Develop and maintain a strong sense of meaning to their existence – meaning that provides clarity, direction, purpose and significance in their private and public lives.

9)  Are committed to contributing to the well being of others

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Jul 17

The Seven C’s Of Success

The Seven C’s Of Success:

After having worked with many clients, students, top achievers and peak performers for many years, I’ve concluded that these successful men and women, have in most cases, mastered what I call the Seven C’s of Success.

1. Clarity – Eighty percent of success comes from being clear on who you are, what you believe in and what you want.

2. Competence – You can’t climb to the next rung on the ladder until you are excellent at what you do now.

3. Constraints – Eighty percent of all obstacles to success come from within. Find out what is holding you back, what is your self limiting belief and deal with it.

4. Concentration – The ability to focus on one thing single-mindedly and see it through until it’s done takes more character than anything else.

5. Creativity – Flood your life with ideas from many sources. Creativity needs to be exercised like a muscle, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

6. Courage – Most in demand and least in supply, courage is the willingness to do the things you know are right.

7. Continuous learning – Read, at the very least, one non fiction book a month to keep you miles ahead of the competition. Organize your time so you spend 30 minutes a day networking your self; exploring e-mails, sending messages, going through web sites, because like exercise, it’s the only way you can keep on top of technology. If you get away from it, you’ll lose your edge. Your brain needs regular exercise – use it or lose it.

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Jul 17

The Answer We All Seek

The Answer We All Seek:
For years I’ve helped people with sickness, ill health, infirmity, injury and disease.
I’ve studied the human condition and I’ve reached the stage now where I realise that there is something more to your health that just popping a pill.
People are contracting every illness you see in the media and I’ve been searching for an answer to why.
The answer is simple and it is YOU.
Yes, it is YOU. You hold the power that can heal of all those ridiculous illnesses and ailments.
It is the power of your mind.
What you need is the right state of mind. I want to show you the power of your mind and help YOU achieve what YOU desire. YOU can develop your mind to take care of your own body, illnesses, and pain.
We get stuck with a back pain, headache or a sore throat and we just start taking pills for almost everything, which honestly, can sometimes be the worst thing that you can do.
“The path to healing is not only about learning something new to heal ourselves – but unlearning the belief patterns that make us sick.”
Since childhood, we have been filled with information, which is incomplete, and often invalid. I have nothing against medicine. For that matter, I believe that medicine is a must, but not always. Sometimes, because of vested interests we are treated for diseases we never had, and in turn receive many negative side effects.
I can teach YOU how to access and use the hidden powers of YOUR mind.

Once you utilise the Alpha state of mind you start to unleash many hidden powers within you, and really heal your life.

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Jul 17

Genesis Development – A Quantum Leap for YOU

Genesis Development – A Quantum Leap for YOU


The events in my life reflect who I am: I will apply one experience today to myself. Whatever catches my attention is trying to tell me something. If I feel angry at anyone, I will see if what I dislike in the person actually exists in me. If an overheard conversation catches my attention, I will take those words as a personal message. I want to find the world that is inside me.

The people in my life help me to find myself: I am a composite of every person who is important to me. I am going to look upon friends and family as a group picture of me. Each stands for a quality I want to see in myself or want to reject, yet in reality I’m the whole picture. I will gain the most knowledge from those people I intensely love and intensely dislike: The one reflects my highest aspirations; the other reflects my deepest fears of what lies inside me.

Whatever I pay attention to will grow: I will take note of how I’m using my attention. I will become aware of how much time I spend with television, video games, the computer, hobbies, gossip, and work. I care about work I am passionate about, activities that fascinate me, and fantasies of escape or fulfillment. I will find out what aspects of my life are going to grow. Then I will ask, “What do I want to grow in my life?” This will tell me where my attention needs to shift.

Nothing is random—my life is full of signs and symbols: I will look for patterns in my life. These patterns could be anywhere: in what others say to me, the way they treat me, the way I react to situations. I am creating my world every day, and I need to know what design I am making. I will look for signs that show me my hidden beliefs. These are symbols for whether I believe I have personal power or not. I will look for signs about my belief in whether I am loved and deserve love—or not. I will be watchful to create opportunities for success not failure.

At any given moment, the universe is giving me the best results possible: I will concentrate today on the gifts in my life. I will focus on what is working instead of what isn’t. I will appreciate this world and I will receive the remarkable gift of awareness. I will notice how my own level of awareness makes me perceive the world I am co-creating.

My inner awareness is always evolving: Where do I stand right now? How far have I come on my chosen path? Even if I don’t see immediate results outside myself, I feel that I am growing inside?

Today I will face these questions and honestly ask where I stand. I will experience my awareness not just as a stream of thoughts but as the potential for becoming who I want to be. I will look at my limitations and boundaries with the intention of growing and expanding beyond them.

The direction of life is from duality to unity: Today I want to belong. I want to feel safe and at home. I want to be aware of what it’s like simply to be, without defenses or desires. I will appreciate the flow of life for what it is—my own true self. I will notice those moments of intimacy with myself, when I feel that “I am” is enough to sustain me forever. I will visualize myself lying on the grass looking at the sky, feeling myself at one with nature, expanding until my being fades into the infinite.

If I open myself to the force of evolution, it will carry me where I want to go: Today is for long-term thinking about myself. What is my vision of life?  How does that vision apply to me? I want my vision to unfold without struggle. Is that happening?  If not, where am I putting up resistance? I will look at the beliefs that seem to hold me back the most. Am I depending on others instead of being responsible for my own evolution?  Have I allowed myself to focus on external rewards as a substitute for inner growth? Today I will rededicate myself to inner awareness, knowing that it is the home of the evolutionary impulse that drives my life and the universe.

The fragmented mind cannot get me to unity, but I have to use it along the way: What does unity really mean to me? What experiences of oneness can I look back upon? Today I will remember the difference between being at one with myself and being scattered. I will find my center, my peace, my ability to go with the flow. The thoughts and desires that drive me are not the ultimate reality. They are just a way to get myself back to oneness. I will remember that thoughts come and go like a leaf in the wind, but the core of consciousness is forever. My goal is to live from that core.

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is an illusion: Today I will experience myself beyond limitations. I will set time aside to be present with myself in silence. As I breathe I will see my being spreading outward in all directions. As I settle into my own inner silence, any image that comes to mind will be asked to join my being. I will include anyone and anything that comes to mind, saying, “You and I are one at the level of being. Come; join me beyond the drama of space and time.” In the same way I will experience love as a light that begins in my heart and spreads out as far as my awareness can reach, as images arise in my mind, I will send love and light in their direction.

To explore, learn and experience far more in your life and beyond: 

Contact me now and ask for Genesis Development.

Be prepared for a massive shift -  This is not for the faint hearted.

Mike Garner F Inst HT Dhp 

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Jul 17

Emotional Health Check-up

Mind Focus Groups – Emotional health check-up;

Everyday lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, general health, and use of drugs/medication can contribute significantly to stress. A general check-up of these activities is an important place to start when attempting to reduce stress and anxiety and improve emotional health.


• Diet:

Are you providing your body with the fuel it needs? Inadequate nutrients and energy will lead to physical and emotional stress. Are you eating the right kinds of foods? Are you eating them often enough?


• Exercise:

Are you exercising enough? Exercise has been shown to improve mood and is also important for a regular sleep–wake cycle. A half hour of exercise three times a week that increases your heart rate is recommended to maintain physical and emotional health.


• Sleep:

Do you have a regular sleep pattern? The amount of sleep required for each person varies but is commonly seven to nine hours. Frequent waking can also result in poor quality sleep.


• Drug use:

Use of drugs can place your system under stress. Consider whether you may benefit from cutting down your use of drugs.

Consider these as drugs: caffeine, caffeinated soft drinks, coffee, chocolate, tea, alcohol, nicotine, over the counter medications, and other recreational drugs.


• Physical health:

Are you looking after any medical complaints, taking medication that is needed, or reviewing medication that you think might not be working well with your doctor?  Do you have any persistent pain or worries about your physical health?


• Practical concerns:

Do you have a satisfactory living situation? It is important to be able to count on having a safe and secure living environment where your basic needs are met.

When accommodation or financial arrangements are inadequate additional support from community services may need to be sought.


• Relationships and social support:

Do you have partners, family or friends who support you and your goals? Social support enhances resilience and protects against mental health problems.


• Pleasant activities:

Do you have activities that you enjoy doing every day? It can be easy to forget to make time for some simple, enjoyable activities, but this is necessary for emotional well-being.

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Jul 17

Coping with repeated distress:

Coping with repeated distress;

Sometimes people experience high levels of distress on a regular basis. It can help to plan for these times by writing a list of coping strategies that is easily accessible during a crisis. Keep in mind that the purpose of these strategies is to get you through the crisis.

Make sure that you plan strategies that suit you and are easy for you to do. The strategies below are just suggestions. Don’t try things for the first time in a crisis; instead, practice new skills or strategies when you are feeling well so they come more naturally during crises.


Remember to:

• Set a goal of getting through the next few minutes

• When distressing thoughts distract you, keep bringing yourself back to the strategy you are using

• Plan to do several strategies in a row


Calming strategies:

• Do a breathing or relaxation exercise

• Take a bath/shower

• Pat your cat or dog

• Go to a pleasant place

• Listen to soothing music


Distracting strategies:

• Watch a favorite TV show or DVD

• Sing along to songs on the radio

• Do a hobby or work task

• Do some cooking, housework, or gardening

• Describe a painting in your house in detail


Active strategies:

• Make yourself a cup of tea

• Do a hobby or work task

• Do some cooking, housework, or gardening

• Do some exercise (walking, cycling, yoga, swimming)


Support strategies

• Talk to a supportive friend, family member or me

• Do something with or for a family member or friend

• Use a phone helpline



Thinking strategies:

• Replace unhelpful thoughts with helpful thoughts. Some examples are:

“I’m OK; this will only last for a short time.”

“I’ve been in a similar situation before and survived.”

“I’m going to get on with something I love to do, these feeling will soon will pass”


As always if you have any difficulties; call me straight away ………..  Mike Garner.

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Jul 17

Coping with panic

“Ten rules for coping with panic” alongside a Self Hypnosis and Breathing Control technique that I can teach you to create your own programme for dealing with panic in stressful situations, the following concepts are well worth remembering.

1.Remember that the feelings are nothing more than an exaggeration of the normal bodily reaction to stress.
2.They are not in the least bit harmful or dangerous – just unpleasant. Nothing worse will happen.
3.Stop adding to panic with frightening thoughts about what is happening and where it might lead.
4.Now notice what is really happening in your body right now, not what you fear might happen.
5.Now wait and give the fear time to pass, without fighting it or running away from it. Just accept it.
6.Notice that once you stop adding to it with frightening thoughts the fear starts to fade away by itself.
7.Remember that the whole point of practice is learning how to cope with fear without avoiding it. So this is an opportunity to make progress.
8.Think of the progress you have made so far, despite all the difficulties and how pleased you will be when you have succeeded this time.
9.When you begin to feel better, look around and start to plan what to do next.
10.Then, when you are ready to go on, start off in an easy and relaxed way. There is no need for effort or to hurry.

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Jul 14

Weight loss with the Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band:

This effective system is designed for people with a excessively high body mass. It is a revolutionary weight loss system designed to make you believe that you have had a gastric band fitted using hypnosis. This process is a tried and tested combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy aimed at making you alter your eating habits permanently.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis works by making you believe that the size of your stomach has reduced in size and therefore you will eat smaller portions and feel full much quicker. This means that you can lose weight naturally and easily without undergoing surgery.

The Virtual Gastric Band has huge advantages as there is no need for you to go under the knife, have an unaesthetic or spend weeks recovering from the procedure. The Virtual Gastric Hypnotic Band is also significantly cheaper than the £4,000 to £6,000 cost of surgery.

As well as installing the Gastric Hypnotic Band I work with all my clients on any emotional problems linked with overeating. Generally people over eat because they are using the food to mask a deep rooted emotion whether that is depression, loneliness, boredom or sadness. So in addition to the Virtual Gastric Band surgery I spend part of our sessions getting to the heart of the problem and then neutralising it, retraining you to eat only when you are hungry.

No weight loss system will work for you unless you are committed to losing weight and are prepared to change your diet and lifestyle. During each Gastric Band hypnosis session you will be given tasks to do and goals to reach which must be completed before the next session to ensure your success. The system gives you the tools and ability to lose and maintain a healthier body but you need to be serious about losing weight and following the program.

This is a non surgical behavior changing method using the techniques of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Generally the whole process takes 8 weeks – Four 90 minute sessions. Each session is usually no less than 2 weeks apart.

The first session allows you to experience the beautiful relaxation that can be enjoyed with hypnosis and sets the scene. In the second session you will be introduced to your virtual surgeon and anesthetist under hypnosis and by the third session you will have your Virtual Gastric Band fitted. The fourth session is used to reinforce the suggestions and to check that your Virtual Band is working perfectly. Additional support sessions are available for you until your target weight is achieved if you so wish.

Call me for your free consultation. contact details

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